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Our vision is to empower women to explore self-awareness, self-love & strength; physically, mentally & emotionally.

Thats where sustainable health and longevity lies. You can’t buy health. You earn it.


Sisters, Georgie & Grace Gorman believe ‘health’ is a state that you earn. A well orchestrated balancing act that deserves integrity, diversity, patience and respected self-awareness.

Combining their contrasting skill sets and mutual passion for health and wellness: Georgie & Grace created Holistic Sister with the aim of empowering women to explore self-awareness, self-love and strength; physically, mentally and emotionally.

“When you truly understand who you are, how you thrive and how you don’t, you’re one step closer to success” Georgie says.

Georgie Gorman

Holistic Strength Coach, Director

Georgie has over 10 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry, both in Australia and abroad.

She’s worked in various roles as a personal trainer, head coach at Kids in Motion, and as a facilitator and speaker for the Beacon Foundation. In her final year of Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine, Georgie will also soon be a practising nutritionist.

Georgie’s love of fitness began as a teenager disengaged from the core academic curriculum, but not from education itself. Being a kinaesthetic learner, she developed a passion for helping others find their very best selves through exercise.

“When harboured appropriately, physical exercise has profound effects on a persons health and wellbeing. Society often ignores the benefits well beyond the physical” she says.

“It’s vital to support all areas of health, so I have designed our business model specifically around this concept”.

Grace Gorman

Fashion Brand Manager, Director

Having forged a successful career in brand management, Grace knows all too well the difficulties of juggling a busy corporate job and young child, along with life’s many other challenges.

Through personal experience, she’s come to understand the benefits of a holistic lifestyle.

Grace believes everyone should make the time care for themselves through a balanced diet and training program, and by surrounding themselves with positive influences.

In creating Holistic Sister, she’s aiming to help and inspire many women to do exactly that.