‘Expect to feel strong, empowered and confident’

A well thought-out, intelligent class that educates women correct strength & conditioning techniques with appropriate progressions and regressions, making each class adaptable to all Queens. We aim to educate you to read your own body, activate appropriately & improve mobility to perform fundamental movements to the best of your ability to get the full potential out of every lift whilst staying safe.

Work hard, rest appropriately, love your body and gain stage ready confidence.

“The world will see you the way you see you, and treat you the way you treat yourself” – Beyonce

-Debbie harry-

metabolic conditioning

‘Intense, fun & rewarding’

Improve your cardiovascular fitness, body composition (fat vs lean muscle), and mental health potential, while increasing power, strength and endurance by challenging all energy systems.

This interval style class combines loaded and body weight exercise methods such as; battle ropes, air bikes, sleds, kettlebells, rowers and a whole lot of ball throwing. We’ll challenge your mental and physical capacity to its fullest, but you’ll be rewarded by an excess of feel good hormones, and a supporting girl gang cheering you to the end.

“Maybe fear gives us fortitude. Maybe pain forces us to change our lives in some way. But it’s never easy.” - Debbie Harry

*Did you know? Science shows that metabolic training will burn more fat than endurance training alone due to EPOC (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption), which has a huge positive impact on your metabolism, brain function and overall longevity.

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‘Live and move well for longer’

A holistic prep & recovery class, incorporating mobility, self myo-facial release, breath connection & guided meditation. You’ll walk out feeling lighter, more mobile, less stressed & energised ‘yet relaxed’.

This class is the Yin to the Yang of Debbie Harry and Beyoncé. Where you can replenish, revive and renew your physical, mental & emotional self.
Guiding you through a mindful practice of body weight flows, primal movements, and the use of various tools to release tension. It’s the perfect supplement to your training regime for long lasting results.

By slowing down the sympathetic nervous system and learning to tap into your para-sympathetic nervous system you will have the power to nourish, restore and nurture your body from the many stresses we face today.

-mums & bubs-

‘An hour just for you. You deserve it’

Mums & Bubs classes at Holistic Sister begin with a full body warm up, including mobility & activation exercises, followed by strength training, and finished with a heart pumping circuit.

While you move and get to know other like-mined women, babies are free to roam and enjoy the open and secure space, or watch lovingly from their prams.

Georgie being a nanny in a prior life is most happy to attend, and care for any bub at any stage, to ensure you can get the most out of each training session.

We know that getting an hour to yourself isn’t easy at the best of times, let alone with a young one or two. So let us help you increase some much needed energy & stamina.

Benefits include:

– Improved mental clarity / reduced brain fog

– Reduced back pain

– Improved sleep quality

– Fat loss / Improved body composition

– Self-confidence & empowerment

– Sense of community

– Positively influencing children & family

*Bubs & toddlers from any age are welcome.

*Please arrive 5-10 early, so we can begin together right on time.

*We have selection of toys, but by all means please bring along any favourite toys & books.


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‘A delicious hour of pure nourishment for the physical & mental self.’

Through pranayama (controlled breathing) and asanas (postures, physical practice), you will be guided to connect your body and breath through a series of dynamic flows, invigorating body weight strength, mobility and flexibility.

Yoga invites you to build strong self-awareness and acceptance, which are vital tools for thriving through life with purpose and joy.

Yoga at Holistic Sister is recommended highly for everyone, at all levels. Especially anyone with a strong strength practice.



‘Step up to the challenge, and commit to it. You won’t walk away disapointed’

This class is for dedicated guys and gals to learn new advanced skills, push boundaries, and challenge themselves against Holistic Sister’s coaches.

Bowie classes are scheduled ad-hoc(ly), and class structure is explorative and challenging. One week we focus on gymnastics, other weeks you’ll be faced with hardcore Crossfit WODs. And other weeks, we just create ridiculous challenges and enjoy a cold beer together at the end.

Please note* bowie classes are supervised, but not coached. Please see prerequisites, and don’t turn up with injuries.

Each class runs from 45-90mins. We’re done, when we’re done.


  • At least 12months regular strength training

  • Must be competent in loaded squats, deadlifts, bench press, over-head press

  • Ideally, competent in 1x full pull up (chest to bar)

  • Good sportsmanship

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