what the sisters are saying


“I’ve never been a gym person, or a morning person. Both of those things changed when I met Georgie (total legend). She got to know me and my body – she knows what I like, how I move, what I find challenging, and how much I sweat (bloody heaps!), and as a result, I look forward to every class and each new challenge she throws my way. Georgie has helped to build my confidence both inside and outside the gym, and for that, I’ll always be grateful.

Holistic Sister is more than a gym – it’s a community of incredible, strong women doing amazing things that inspire me every day, and I’m so proud and privileged to be a part of it.”

-Sarah Robertson-


” Since joining Holistic Sister about 8 weeks ago; I have noticed a significant change in myself, both mentally and physically. I believe this to be a direct reflection of the inclusive atmosphere at HS, combined with the expansive knowledge and infectious passion of George. She is an incredibly attentive instructor, and has an understanding of who her clients are as individuals which is what sets her apart. Not to mention, the girls that I train alongside are all so lovely and supportive, it really is like a little community. After so many years of saying to myself ‘I can’t be bothered going to the gym’ – I now look forward to going, seeing George and the girls and doing an epic workout. And if you’re lucky, Bones will be there – best gym doggo ever! “

-Penny Hopkins-


” I’ve been going to holistic sister for 3 weeks and I love it. Georgie creates a welcoming and unique class and I’ve felt really supported trying weights and hangs that I would be too scared to do by myself. The space is fun , the music is fabulous and the other participates are lovely. I feel really good –  even after 3 weeks –  I am more alert and have more energy. I can’t stop talking about it ! Thanks Georgie and the HS crew.”

-Anna Gooch-Andrew-


“I’ve been coming to holistic sister now for about a month and couldn’t be happier about it! Georgie has created such a unique supportive community and environment where I feel safe to try anything.  Getting up early in the mornings was hard until I remembered that I had a great group of ladies waiting for me at the gym! Holistic sister and Georgie’s support has me feeling strong and healthy. “

-Amelia Berwick-


“I’m loving training at holistic sister, every session is a little bit different which means I never get bored and also helps me stay motivated to train regularly. I also appreciate the small class sizes with other women of all different skill levels. It never feels like a competition, just women encouraging each other to achieve our individual fitness goals.”

-Emma Leonard-


“After 3 years of a virtually non-existent exercise regime, going back to a gym was a daunting prospect! Holistic Sister has been a great place to get back into it for plenty of reasons – the classes are dynamic and set out in a way that let’s you work at your own level; Georgie takes the time to explain how to do the exercises and then helps you get it right so you get the most out of it; it’s a cool looking space with a welcoming and friendly vibe and the timetable has meant that I can get to classes at times that suit my family.”

-Erin Clark-

” I recently made the switch after years at a commercial gym and can honestly say that I’ve never been so excited to get up for Holistic Sister. Georgie is more than a fantastic trainer she is a motivator, coach and friend who has helped me realise the importance of quality over quantity and has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. Holistic sister is just that – holistic in every way

Ps – Your playlists are the bees knees Georgie”

-Gullu Balci-


“Being my first time pregnant I wanted to make sure I was not only keeping myself fit and healthy but also the baby safe. I have been at Holistic Sister for the entire pregnancy and cannot compliment Georgie and the programme’s enough. I feel safe, well informed and ready for this next step of my life. As the pregnancy has gone on, and my body has started to slow down so has my program, but the encouragement not. I would have not made it through this time without the amazing teachings from Georgie herself and the constant positive energy and motivation from all the Holistic Sisters.

-Serena Kaiser-