The Gym

More than simply a gym, Holistic Sister is a complete fitness and wellness hub inspired by women, for women. Combining carefully designed small group classes, nutritional support and education, our vision is to provide a ‘stage’ for all women to be their best.

Powerful, Playful, Mindful


Holistic Sister is a space for all women, of all ages, backgrounds and experience to thrive, in a safe, fun and empowering environment.

“Our mission, is to educate our members to mindfully move and nourish their body as a whole, through diverse training disciplines & nutrition.”

Health means so many things to different people, and can not be defined simply by our physical appearance or work output. It’s so much more than that. So it’s important to us that we offer a diverse range of services that encompasses all aspects of wellbeing.

To evolve as human being, we must first be challenged. And physical exercise is great way to do just that. It helps build resilience, memory, self-confidence, and promotes energy to tackle life day to day.

Our training methods are a combination of traditional and un-conventional disciplines. With a strong focus on client education, and technique coaching. 

With small class sizes, you won’t be left behind. Instead you’ll be given the opportunity learn, work hard and feel part of a well supported community.