personal training



Private / semi-private training

Individualised training and nutrition protocols designed around your lifestyle and goals, for long lasting results.

Why Personal training?

Personal training is a premium service offered at Holistic Sister, for anyone wishing to enhance their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through personalised programming.

Benefits include:

  • Goal specific outcomes. eg. running technique, squat strength

  • Sustainable weight management

  • Improved self-confidence

  • Technical coaching, for greater output & progress

  • On-going support to keep you accountable & on track

  • Injury management / rehabilitation / prevention

  • Sport specific coaching; skills, speed, power, jumping/landing mechanics

Whether you’re overcoming an injury, wishing to build confidence in the gym, or want to improve agility for tennis, personal training can benefit anyone.

How personal training works

Personal training is a synergistic partnership between client and coach. Where both parties are accountable for the progress and success of the client. Each party commits to uncovering current limitations and barriers to change. Aiding the development of the most appropriate path for success, based on the clients movement analysis, lifestyle, goals, and budget.

It is the coaches responsibility to ensure adequate programming is delivered and recorded, with consideration of the individual on a daily basis.

Each session will be pre-booked and payed, with a 24hour cancellation policy. We do our best to be flexible where possible, but without adequate notice it is very hard to fill spots last minute.

Please send all enquiries to